Monday, 6 May 2013

Timex HJJKS (or HOOKS) Fishing Watch

Sometimes, companies repurpose watches for different functions. With this design from Timex, I've seen the module used for Skiing (the Skiathlom), for surfing (the Surf Timer), and now for fishing.

This watch has the same temperature monitoring module as in the ski and surf models, but in a round case with some extra features. Around the display is a rotating bezel marked High Tide so you can easily see the tide timing, and on the strap is a small compass. The LCD display shows he regular features (time, date, and temperature graph), and the module also has alarm, chronograph, and timer features.

As with the others it's 50m water resistant and has the number 707 (module number?) on the back.

The name of the watch is HOOKS, but the text on the strap is stylized so the Os look like fishing hooks (or Js). It's original sale price was 16,500 yen.