Sunday, 26 May 2013

Kubrick Collection Black by GSX

It's time for a Sunday blog post, and I'm choosing another boxed watch today.

This watch is produced by the GSX company who are a Japanese brand and produce many watches in collaboration with products or films. This one is one of two watches that were part of the Kubrick Collection in collaboration with Medicom Toy Corporation. Kubricks are a set of small collectable block figure toys produced by the Japanese company Medicom and we're first released in 2000. The toys are similar to Lego figures and have specific designs printed onto a standard base shape. Each toy design is a limited edition, and are very popular to collect (and i have to admit that I have a small collection myself).

This watch is a special one done with the Kubricks, and features a rotating Kubrick figure as the second hand. A Kubrick toy also accompanied the watch with a clock based design, and the GSX name on the toy (it's number is PR011). Apart from the Kubrick second hand, the watch is a basic 3 hand dial with a quartz movement. It has a woven fabric strap, and came in two colours. This black version was the most common with 600 being produced. There was also a red strap version, which was limited to 400. The original sale price was 8,190 yen.

The back of the watch has an etched picture of a Kubrick, along with all of the copyright information.

As GSX only produce the watches, the watch is actually made by Best Co. Ltd, which is a Chinese manufacturing company making everything from clothes and footwear to glasses and watches.

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