Friday, 10 May 2013

Independent 1481010 - Takashi Murakami Hiropon Limited Edition

When the Citizen Independent 1481010 range was released, they did several sets of limited edition watches in collaboration with famous Japanese artists. You can find lots on the 1481010 watches in my overview page.

This watch today is one of the two watches that was designed by the founder of the Superflat postmodern art movement, Takashi Murakami. Tokyo born Murakami studied originally to become an animator before majoring in traditional Japanese art. One of his recurring themes in his art is the pop icon character he developed called Mr DOB, and this watch came in a box shaped like one of the more scary variants of Mr DOB.

The watch itself was released in 1998 as a limited edition of 999. It is based on the 1481010 jump hour model with a 6160 module. The design has been heavily updated for this model with many small touches. The watch face is decorated with parts of faces with cute anise style eyes, and the seconds triangle has been replaced with a rotating disc with an eye on. The front is also printed with the Hiropon name, above the 1481010 name. The metal band has also been updated and features etched anime eyes all the way around.

The back of the watch also has an etched DOB in a quick sketch style. The back also reveals that this is George's by X-Large. The X-Large brand is a US clothing line popular with Urban and hip-hip artists.

The full model number is 6160-L18919

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