Saturday, 11 May 2013

Orient Three Star Oval Automatic watch

I'm going out to a 70th birthday party today, so it's time to break out another of my smart looking watches.

The watch is by Orient and part of their Three Star range. The Orient Watch Company is Japan's largest producer of mechanical watches, and is now a subsidiary of Seiko. The Three Star range was originally a range of mechanical watches for export, but some models were sold in Japan. They became so popular that a new line were produced for the Japanese market with a more bright and exotic set of designs.

This is one of the new line of Three Star watches and is a rounded rectangular (oval) 3 hand (well, the seconds hand is more of a triangular pointer) dial watch. It has a date marker at the 3 o'clock position, but as the face is slightly transparent, you can just see the dial with the other numbers behind. One unusual feature is that there is a windows where you can see where the stem of the crown meshes with the internals (so you can see the different positions when you set the time or the date).

It has an automatic mechanical movement, and has a model number of ERAH-A1. The catalogue number was WV0511ER, and it's original sale price was 17,850 yen. The watch was assembled in China and is 5 bar water resistant. These is also a leather strap by Orient with a part number of QU7612.

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