Thursday, 9 May 2013

Caratch Jr. Beetle Fighter by Bandai

Working through my watch collection has definitely informed me of many different Japanese hero series.

Today's watch is from the series Beetle Fighter, or Juukou B-Fighter, and was part of the Japanese production company Toei's Metal Hero Series. In the series, 3 members of the Earth Academia find out that the insects of the world are swarming against an alien menace. The group develops bio armour which is infused with the life force of various insects, and these enable their owners to fight back as the B-Fighters. The action footage from the series was used in the West as the basis for the series Big Bad Beetleborgs.

The watch was made by Bandai, and is part of a range called Charatch (as in character), and features the head of one of the B-Fighters. Like many of this type, the 4 digit LCD display is revealed by lifting the lid, and the watch has time, date, and seconds modes.

It is from 1995 which is when the series was released, and was made in Japan

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