Thursday, 12 December 2013

Casio Illuminator W-96H

At the moment, it seems like I have more Casio watches than anything else.

Today's model has a very common Casio look (with a display looking a little like the Casio Data Bank I blogged a couple of days ago).

This watch is the W-96H which looks to have come out sometime in the 2000s. It uses a 2499 module, and is relatively simple with a 3 line square LCD panel. The largest display is for the time, and there are lines for day (above), and date (below with 8 digits). It is an illuminator model with the green LED light in the bottom corner, and also a 10 year battery life model too (from a CR2025). For modes, this model has dual time, alarm, and stopwatch. Casio must have designed for this model to last a while as the calendar is programmed to 2099!

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