Saturday, 7 December 2013

Timex Skiathlom with pink elastic strap

I've picked my watch based on weather again. It's really snowy today so I decided to blog the 3rd of my Skiathlom watch variations by Timex.

In previous posts I mentioned that there were two colour schemes for the head, and two styles of strap. I've now concluded that each watch came with both a resin and an elastic strap (as this one came with both), and each watch colour had a different colour elasticated strap (-i don't know about the resin one yet).

So, this one is the light blue and purple variation, and it came with a bright pink elasticated strap with the Timex name on. This elasticated strap also has a plastic clip fastening (that the blue strap didn't).

The Skiathlom was one of three different sports watches based around the same module. The Skiathlom was the skiing watch, the K-28 Surf was for water sports, and the Hooks was for fishermen (with all 3 to be found on this blog).

The design has a two line LCD with time on the bottom and day and date at the top. The watch has a temperature sensor (with a bar readout at the top of the LCD), timer, and chronograph modes, and the start and stop buttons are large enough to use with gloves.

It originally came out in 1987 and cost ¥14,500.

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