Monday, 2 December 2013

School Time mechanical watch

I've got quite a few watches that are a bit of a mystery. I'm blogging them with as much as I can deduce, so hopefully this will be of use or interest to others out there.

This watch today is called School Time. It is a 3 hand dial watch, and there is a window at the 6 o'clock position for the day of the week (in Japanese only).

From the style and colouring, it looks like it is from between the 50s and 70s but that is just a guesstimate. I would also guess that this was a watch for children to learn the time from, based on the name, style, and it's smaller case size. The watch has a model number on the back which is 6659-7000 and reminds me of the Seiko numbering system.

The manufacturer logo is placed on the dial as well as etched on the back. This logo looks like a cockerel or rooster and may be a stylized Japanese character. I feel I've seen  this logo before but can't quite remember where. There is also another image on the back which I can't recognise but looks a little like a flying bird.

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