Monday, 9 December 2013

Car and Driver Blue and Black AVBF001

Today's watch is another variation on a watch I've blogged before. This time, it's one of the watches by Car and Driver.

The Car and Driver watches are a little unusual, and there is not much published about them. It looks from the model numbers like a Seiko watch, and based on the guarantee certificate that came with the watch, I can now confirm that. The logo is exactly the same as the Car and Driver magazine, and so looks to be connected to that, however these watches are not the normal cover mounted giveaway as they are hood quality watches with a high retail price on the label. The Car and Driver magazine is the world's largest motoring magazine and is published by a unit of Hearst Corporation who are one of the world's largest producers of monthly magazines.

This model is a colour variation of a Car and Driver watch I've blogged before. It is based on the V336 module and has a rounded rectangular 3 hand dial with day and date dials at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions (looking a little like a car dashboard). The strap has the same colour scheme as the watch face with lines of different shades of blue.

Based on other Car and Driver watches, they were released in the late 90s, and the serial number would then suggest this was from 1997.

The model number is V336-5A20, and the catalogue number is AVBF001. The original sale price was ¥13,000.

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