Sunday, 8 December 2013

J-Axis Cybeat Ana-Digi I.T.9.B

I've blogged about the J-Axis watches before, and they are a mystery as you can't find too much about them. They produced watches that have familiar designs, and there were a few specific lines of watches.

This model is part of the Cybeat range and has a very Casio/G-Shock feel. This is an Ana-digi model with two separate modules operating the analogue and digital displays. The watch seems to be the I.T.9.B model (based on the number on the back), and has an LCD split into 3 sections. The time is in a 4 digit window at the bottom. Seconds are in a little round window in the top right, and there are day markers in the top left. Modes on this model are time, stopwatch, and alarm.

As well as the model number, the back has a string of writing around the outside. This says "modern timepieces, alarm-chronograph, professional, multifunctional model".

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