Friday, 6 December 2013

Casio Baby-G BG-184 brown

The storm is still here so I'm wearing a tough watch again today, with this one from Casio's Baby-G range.

The Baby-G watches are the smaller ladies (or unisex for those with a small wrist) tough watches that spun off from the G-Shock line.

This model is the BG-184 and is one of the square design Baby-G watches. It still has a rugged feel, and the LCD display is set deep inside the casing. The range came in a variety of colours and so you can get one to match with all manner of outfits. The display is a white LCD panel with mirrored numbers over two lines with the mode indicators inbetween.

It has a 2902 module and is quite light on features for a Baby-G. All it has is an alarm, timer, and stopwatch. As with all Baby-Gs, it is 10 bar water resistant and shockproof.

This line are still shown on the Casio website, so appear to still be on sale.

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