Friday, 18 April 2014

Pokémon Dome Watch - Blastoise and Horsea

Today's watch is one variation of a pair of watches I have - I thought I'd blogged the other, but can't find it anymore, so this may be the first.

The watch is a Nintendo Pokemon watch, and is shaped like a Pokeball. It is an early watch from 1998 when the Pokemon franchise only started in 1996. At the bottom of the face it says the copyright is to Nintendo, and it has the text CR-GF-TX-SP-JK after that, along with the made in China information. 

It is a water filled watch with a large domed glass. The face behind the glass is painted like a Pokeball, and there are two Pokemon models in the water.

The featured Pokemon are Blastoise and Horsea which are both first generation water Pokemon. Blastoise is the 2nd evolution of the Squirtle starter Pokemon, while Horsea is unevolved (and would evolve into Seadra).

The watch itself is a basic 4 digit LCD model which is set just to the upper right of the centre of the case. It is a standard module with just time, date, and seconds. 

It seems to have been a popular watch at the time, and was even featured in one of the watch magazines along with the other most fancy design watches of that year. 

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