Thursday, 17 April 2014

McDonald's Cake Star watch

Today's watch is one of the toys you get when you buy a kids meal.

The watch has been made for McDonald's, and would have been one of the items you could get as part of your happy meal. It was made in China and has the letters C-SN after the information, but I don't know who actually made it. It was made in 2012 so is a relatively recent promotion, but came from Japan and may not have been a worldwide release.

It is a basic LCD watch with a 3 1/2 digit display. As normal with these basic watches there are two small buttons which cycle between the time, date, and seconds modes and start the setting mode.

The case is a large plastic 5 pointed star shape with a red plastic base and clear lid. Under the lid is the cardboard sheet with the face design, which is in this case a strawberry gateaux and a blue and white checked tablecloth pattern. The strap is a red plastic design with white dots and the McDonald's M logo.

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