Monday, 14 April 2014

Casio Batteryless BB-800

Today's watch is another that has had a little bit of mistreatment in its previous life.

The watch is an early Casio with the model number BB-800. It is marked on the face as being a Batteryless model, and you can see the solar panel just above the LCD display. This is where the damage has occurred on my one, with the solar panel having a crack across one corner.

The watch is an LCD model with 3 1/2 digits towards the left and two sets of 2 digits above each other on the right (seconds below and date above). There is also a day marker along the top of the panel.

It uses a 520 module, and there are no modes apart from time and date. There is no information I've found about the date, but I'd guess 80s. One site I found suggested that this was the first Casio solar watch, but that was really the SA-60 from 1984.

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