Friday, 4 April 2014

Casio F-105 LCD watch

Over the years, Casio has produced many simplistic LCD watch designs, and today I'm blogging another one.

This model is the F-105, and is a resin cased LCD watch. It is an alarm chrono model and also an Illuminator, meaning it has alarm, chronograph, and el-backlight, but no other modes. It uses a 2 line LCD display with time on the larger lower line, and day and date on the small top line. All of this is powered by a 1572 module with a CR2016 battery (and a 7 year battery life).

The strap is a matching resin design with a part number of 283 EJ2 18.

Based on the specs, this looks to be a modern version rather than a true retro 80s design (battery size and the el-backlight are more modern features), and it is still mentioned on the Casio website (where it can be picked up for $22).

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