Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Storm Navigator

Today's watch is one that I've been wanting since I'd first started collecting watches, but I'd not been able to afford it then while I was a student, and then it wasn't for sale anymore.

The watch is by the London based brand Storm and is called the Navigator.

The Storm brand began at the end of the 80s and have been producing many different interesting designs of watches.

The Storm Navigator was released in the mid 90s, and was one of the most high tech watches they produced at the time. The watch is large and pretty thick and the face shows 4 circular windows. It seems that the design was reissued, starting in 2009, and is currently for sale on the Storm website.

The Navigator has quite a few functions, and includes both analogue and digital time display with a 2 hand dial and a small LCD display with two rows of two digits (placed at the diagonals). It also has windows for an analogue thermometer, and a small compass. On the bottom section of the watch is an orange torch which lights for a few seconds after pressing the button.

Inside, all of the parts are in separate modules. Opening the back first reveals the torch module, and that needs to be removed to get to the rest of the modules. The thermometer and compass are small independent removable modules, and the two watch modules are also in separate slots. The analogue module is a standard Japanese quartz module, and the LCD module is a tiny unit, less than 1cm x 1cm and around 5mm thick.

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