Wednesday, 16 April 2014

BAP American Vintage cuff watch

Today's watch is another random brand, but one which suggests a long history - that I've not been able to find.

The watch is by BAP which says on the dial is an American Vintage line. According to the dial, the brand name was established in 1922, but I've not found any record of the brand online. The back continues with the same naming and says American Vintage BAP Style.

It is a 3 hand dial watch which is powered by a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. Inside it also has a printed stamp which suggests it was made in May 2010 (or that was when the battery was replaced).

For the design, the dial is adorned with stars (x7) and the brand name. The watch case in mounted on a wide leather strap which is studded and decorated with leather cross shapes. It is fastened with 3 straps with holes and 3 pegs, two of one side and one on the other.

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