Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pierre Balmain Dual Dial watch

One of the nice things about collecting is all of the information I find out while researching each watch. I've come across many different brands and designers over the years, and this is another one I've not blogged before.

The watch is by Pierre Balmain, and is an elegant and very thin dual dial watch. Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain was a French fashion designer known for elegance and sophistication, who said that dressmaking is the architecture of movement. He started his Balmain fashion house in 1945 and worked closely with Dior, and has had award nominations for his costume designs for film and stage. Since Balmain's death, the brand has been handled by several different designers, each bringing a change to the style, with the current look combining Asian style with French couture.

This watch is from the fashion brand, but I'm not sure which era. From what I've read, it is probably from before 2005 when the brand was lead by Oscar de la Renta, as after that time the brand went for more of a flash rock and roll style.

It is a very thin watch with two separate quartz movement powering the two 2 hand dials. The two dials have a classical style and are set on an engraved metal face with a leaf pattern. Surrounding the dial is a green enamel ring which has the brand name and Paris on it. It comes with a matching green leather strap with a T bar connection, with the strap stating the brand name and that it is Swiss made. The back has a number 963.1102 which could be model number, but I've not found any reference to it online. The only other information on the back is that it has a stainless steel back and Sapphire crystal, and it is 3 atu (atm) water resistant.

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