Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Disney Time - Cinderella mechanical watch

Today's watch is another of my Disney watches, but this time I think it's a much older model.

This model is a Disney Time watch, which was made by Seiko, and their name is hidden on the bottom of the dial and can only be seen when you take the movement out. It has a Seiko movement in the shape of a Diashock 7 jewel movement. This Diashock movement is a hand wind mechanical movement which drives a 3 hand dial. Looking inside, it seems to be a DT731 caliber 375.

The front of the watch shows the Disney character Cinderella in a pink dress rather than her more well known blue dress. It also has the name Disney Time which I presume was the name of the line.

The back also has the Disney Time name and copyright to Walt Disney Productions. It also details the Diashock 7 jewel movement, and the model number which is 73979.

With regards to the age, I've found two different conflicting dates. One site has a Mickey Mouse version in this line quoting 1961, but another site has a Cinderella watch stating 1977. From the design I'd say 60s looks more likely, but I'm not completely sure. The Disney Time watches might be quite rare and expensive, as the Mickey watch was selling with an price of ¥44,000.

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