Sunday, 20 April 2014

Casio Protrek PRT-40 Bird Life International

I decided on today's watch as it is Easter Sunday, and that is a day I go hiking up a hill to watch the sun rise.

The watch I chose is one of my more extreme outdoor watches, and was also a milestone when it came out.

The watch in question is part of the Casio Protrek range and is called the PRT-40. It came out in Japan in 1996 and was the third of the Protrek Triple Sensor watches. On the European Casio site, the PRT-40 is shown as one of the watches in their milestone list with a 1998 release date, so I think it was just late coming out of Japan. As this was a Japanese release, and the module date starts in 1995, i think this was an early PTR-40 model.

The Protrek range started in 1994 as an outdoor watch range for hikers. They started with a triple sensor watch which evolved very little design wise to the PRT-40, but this model was the first with an automatic el-backlight.

This particular version is the PRT-40BLJ, and is a model that as released in partnership with BirdLife International. The BirdLife International organisation is a global collaboration between different conservation organisations. It was started in 1922 as the International Committee for Bird Protection, but changed its name in 1993. The organisation is in charge of the official Red List of birds requiring protection.

The PRT-40 is a typical triple sensor model with thermometer, compass, and barometer/altimeter. It has a large and robust design with a round LCD display in the centre. The LCD display is made up of three rows and a display round the edge of 60 markers for seconds or as a part of the compass. The other parts of the LCD are the time at the bottom, date or temperature /height in the middle, and a small dot matrix at the top (for day or mode).

Inside is a 1471 module which is powered by 2 batteries. Modes on the watch include altitude /temperature (with altitude graph on the dot matrix), data recall (for heights and temperatures), alarm (x5), and stopwatch. The compass is not accessed through the mode button, but the bearing button. Pressing this shows the current bearing, but it is not a live compass, so doesn't change automatically when you turn.

The strap is a fabric, leather, and cord design, fastened to the case through Protrek branded plastic connection, which also has the BirdLife International name printed on it. The first part of the strap is the black leather section, imprinted with the Protrek logo, which is sewn to the velcro fabric strap. It also connects to the secondary cord fastening with a Protrek branded hook, which makes sure that the watch can't accidently fall off.

The back contains the usual information, and has a BirdLife International logo dominating the back plate.


  1. I know this is an older post, bit I have the PRT-40BJ3 and I love the watch! It is perfect for outdoor treks!

  2. I know this is an older post, bit I have the PRT-40BJ3 and I love the watch! It is perfect for outdoor treks!

  3. By any chance anyone can tell me which batteries are the good ones to power this watch?
    I have found my old one inside a drawer but without batteries...
    thanks for your help in case :)

  4. The batteries are 395 or SR927. I too found my old one and have just installed some fresh batteries. Hope it works.