Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fossil FSL LCD watch FL 8890

It's back to the 90s for today's watch from Fossil.

This watch is part of the Fossil FSL range of watches. The range covers tough looking LCD models, and it came out in the 1990s.

This model is the FL 8890 which came out around 1995 (based on the start date for the calendar). It is a small size model, so it likely for children or women, but it is an ok size for any small wrist.

It has a 2 line LCD display which is set into a reason case with an FSL logo light button mounted under. At the bottom of the LCD are markers for which mode us active, and those modes are time, chronograph, pace, timer, and alarm. It also has an 8 lap memory and is 100m water resistant.

The back has the water resistance quoted and the model number engraved in the metal, but the centre of the back is a black rubber circle with the FSL logo.

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