Monday, 6 July 2015

Axcent Broadband x1774

Today's watch is another from the Scandinavian watch company Axcent, and was one of their bestsellers.

This model is called Broadband, and is a quartz analogue watch. The Broadband name has nothing to do with the Internet, but is a very literal name - the watch does indeed have a broad band. The watch has a square case design on a normal width leather strap, but around the back of the case and behind the strap is a second piece of leather which is much wider (and fastened to the normal strap through loops). The watch seems to have come in many different colour and strap variations, with this model being in black with a textured and patterned leather strap. The case is also a different style, having the entire face of the 3 hand dial covered in small jewels/crystals.

The Axcent brand was started in the late 90s with the aim of bringing Nordic design to their watches, using award winning Swedish designers. This model was designed by a young Swedish designer called Petra Nygren, and according to a post on her blog, the design came out in 2008 or earlier. Most of the references state this design was one of the bestselling models, and it is quoted as being a bestseller in over 50 countries.

The back is hidden behind the strap, but when revealed just shows the usual material (stainless steel) and brand logo, as well as the designers signature. The model number for the Broadband is x1774.

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