Monday, 13 July 2015

J-Axis iXa Modern Space Age Multiple Disc Indication

Today's watch is another in the ever popular rotating disc style.

This model is by the J-Axis brand is one of their iXa marked watches. The J-Axis brand begin in 1987 by the parent company Sun Flame Co Ltd, and it seems that iXa is one of the lines/styles that produce. This is also one of the watches they call the Multiple Disc Indication design, which I first blogged about last year. This model also has the text Modern Space Age which I assume refers to the watch design, however the style looks more like a retro take on what a futuristic watch would look like.

This design has two windows for the time rather than the usual one. The left side window covers the hours and minutes, but the second window is on the right side of the watch. Overall, the watch has a round design, but the glass is moulded so that there is a flat square in the centre, with the other faces on the glass tapering down to the bezel.

The back just has the regular J-Axis information: logo, Japan movement, assembled in China, water resistant, stainless steel back, and "Modern Timepieces". The strap is not the original (and is a universal strap I have made to cover all of the watches whose straps are too destroyed to use).

The brand generally has low cost models, so I'd guess this was less than ¥5000. For the date, I think it is likely to be a 2000s model, as it isn't a new design, but I don't think it predates the late 90s fashion watches.

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