Wednesday, 4 November 2015

@ #008 by Poll Position

Today's blog is for a watch manufacturer I've blogged about many times before, but this time with a different line of watches.

This watch seems to be from a line of watches called @ based on the only symbol on the dial (which is also on the back plate). The back also has the number #008, so it would seem that this is likely the name of the model (as the text style is too polished to be a serial number).

The only other information is that this watch is by Poll Position Ltd. Co who have featured here before as the company behind the Module watch line/brand. Their background is a little hazy, but the most likely lead would suggest they are an Osaka Japan based manufacturer and/or the Japanese distributor of the French Lip brand.

The watch is a quartz analogue watch with a 3 hand dial design. The face design is simple and uncluttered with virtually no writing. Around the dial is a silver band with small circular holes which act as the hour markers. The hole at the 6 o'clock position is slightly larger, and when you look closely you can see that there is a small date marker inside.

From what I've found, I think that the Module watches are from the 2000s, and can be found new still, so I'd guess that it is probably the same for this watch too.

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