Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Boy London B337 LCD Watch

I've blogged a lot of watches by Boy London so far, but this is something completely different.

The Boy London name has been around since the 70s, and many watches have been made under their name. The history of the watches is a bit of a mystery, and my feeling so far is that the name has been bought/used by another company (possibly Korean) since the 90s. More information can be found about the brand in my many other Boy London blog posts (see the tags on the right side of the web page).

This particular model is the B337, and is unusual in being one of only a small number of LCD watches I've seen from Boy London. It has a large black plastic case with the display split into 3 sections. The top covers day and date, the right circle has segments which jump around with the seconds, and the main bottom section is for the time. In the text on the face it describes itself as a chronograph, and therefore has a stopwatch function, and it also has alarm and dual time modes.

The front of the watch only has the Boy London name in plain text (which is not common), and the name United Kingdom is also printed above the display. The back has the more usual Boy London name and totem style Eagle logo as well as the model number. The back also has the text "BoyLondon original timepiece. Created by United Kingdom. Water resistant 50m". As it says "created by" not "created in" it suggests the company making it was called United Kingdom, or it is just bad English!

As for date, I think this is newer than the other Boy London designs, so I'd guess that it is from sometime in the 2000s.

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