Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Super Lovers Floating Dial

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog, so I home some of you out there are still following! I plan to get back to blogging a bit more, but don't think it'll be back to daily updates just yet.

For today's watch, I'm wearing something that expands the mystery of the linked designs even further. Regular readers may remember that I've been following various Japanese fashion watch brands which seem to be linked by common designs. Watches by Deadman, Module, Deep, etc. seem to have produced their own versions of the same watch over different time periods.

Until today, the Super Lovers brand seemed to be separate from this group, but this watch shares a remarkable similarity to the Deadman Live Wire I posted last year. As I have a hunch that the Super Lovers brand commission watches from a variety of manufacturers, I guess it shouldn't be unexpected that they ended up with something similar though!

The Super Lovers brand originate from the  Harajuku district in Tokyo and have been known for their mix of punk, clubbing, and cute influences.

This watch I've nicknamed the Super Lovers Floating Dial as the dial and mechanism is surrounded by glass so you can see right through the watch from front to back, with the only connection to the case being the stem linking the module to the crown. The back glass in this design isn't completely clear, but is in red glass, and has the text Super Lovers All Stars written around the edge. I think the All Stars name might refer to a line of watches, as I've seen it before on other designs.

Time is shown on the "floating" 3 hand dial and is powered by a Japanese quartz module. The dial features the Super Lovers logo which is like the Superman symbol but with a heart instead of the S. The strap is metal mesh with a buckle, and matches with the metal case. There is no information on the back of the watch, but you can see right through to the quartz module.

I don't know exactly when the watch wad released, but I'd guess this was late 90s or early 00s based on the link to the Deadman design.

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