Friday, 27 January 2012

Seiko Alba AKA W670-4000 black/red

This watch is another from the Seiko Alba AKA watch line.

The display on this watch is an LED illuminated dot matrix LCD, with a module number W670. The time is displayed when the front button is pressed, or one of the mode buttons is used. This is a more common modern take on the original LED display shown yesterday - you can tell the difference mainly by the wider and dimmer segments on the symbols, and the brightness is a little uneven across the display.
Function-wise, the watch has a chronograph, timer and alarm.

The design is very angular, with subtle curves along the edges, and could be bought in silver or black versions. The strap is the same shiny metal, with an air-vent style design on the segments next to the watch head.
The shiny black, the vents and angular design definitely remind me of Darth Vader!

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