Thursday, 19 January 2012

Timex Skiathlom (also accidently referred to as Skiathlon)

Today's watch is a retro LCD watch by Timex. The Skiathlom is designed for easy use on the slopes, with a chronograph function (with large front buttons for easy use in ski-gloves), and an outside temperature sensor (which shows on a bar along the top of the display).

Two versions of the watch strap exist (with the shown elastic strap, and with a plastic/resin strap), and at least two different colour schemes were sold (blue & red, and purple & light blue). The watch has also been mis-quoted as Timex Skiathlon in many sites, but on closer inspection, it is indeed Skiathlom!

The watch has two lines of LCD (date along the top and time along the bottom), and the LCD bar where the temperature measurement is shown. It has alarm, chronograph, and timer modes as well as the time and temperature sensing.

It seems that the watch was released in the late 1980s and into the early 90s. One forum post from a collector mentioned that this came out in 1987 with a big advertizing push from Timex.  The trademark for the Skiathlom name was registered by Timex in 1986, and cancelled in 1993

A copy of the watch manual has been put out by a kind collector on a blog post at
The direct link is

A slightly different version called the K-28 Surf was released a little later with the same design, but for surfers. More information on this watch can be found on it's page here.

Timex Skiathlom logo


  1. Anybody know where I could find a replacement band for a vintage Skiathlom?