Wednesday, 25 April 2012

100th Watch: Bandai Tokima Original - Matt Silver

This day marks the 100th watch posted in my blog :-D and so I've chosen one of the watches that is special to my collection!
The watch is the Tokima Original robot watch by Bandai. This is one of the set that was issued in 1998, the 15th anniversary of the original Tokima Digorobo watches from 1983.
The 1998 version differs from the 1983 watch as it is made of metal, and it's body is about twice the height. I guess that this was made for adults (and it is large and heavy) who had the plastic watch when they were kids.
Display-wise, the watch uses a dot matrix LCD panel (31x7?). It has time, date, and stopwatch modes, and uses a green LED light for nighttime use.
At random intervals, the watch also displays scrolling messages in Japanese, or occasionally an animation (smiley face, running stick man). I've seen mention that there are 800 messages that the watch will give, but haven't been able to confirm that yet. It also has an option hidden in the instructions which allows you to set your birthday, and the watch will then give you a birthday message!
This watch is special in that it was the first Tokima robot watch I got, and so this started the whole robot watch collection! More can be found on the Tokima watch range in my overview page: link

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