Friday, 27 April 2012

Citizen Independent 1481010 - D400 Freshjive Special Edition

Time to get back to the 1481010 range today.

This is a special version of the D400 LED range of watches, released for Freshjive in 1998. Freshjive was founded in 1989 by Rick Klotz. Originally intended to reflect the varied influences of his California lifestyle, the company became known as one of the originators of streetwear culture.

The face has the shadow image of a running man, and the phrase "you are running out of time". The watch head also has this phrase below the display, and Freshjive above, and the strap has a small symbol printed upon it.

The watch has an LED display, with the hours in green, and minutes in red, and is illuminated when the bottom button is pressed. After the time is displayed, there is an animation from the LEDs, with either patterns or numbers. The animation depends on which hour it is. The watch also warns of a low battery by replacing the animation with a single flashing LED (4 flashes for low, and 10 for very low).

The full model number is D400-L18340 and the catalogue number is IT21-4308H

For more on the 1481010 range, see the overview page. LINK

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