Thursday, 26 April 2012

Seiko Timetron-h

Today's watch is another of the late 90s Seiko watches (which seems to be the hayday of the interesting and unusual designs).
The watch shares the same W853 module as the Seiko AKA that I featured in an earlier post.
The Timetron-h was released in the late 90s, and seems to be one of the more iconic watches of the time (as it is always discussed as a very popular design on the web). The watch was on sale in the late 90s, with an original sale price of 15,000yen, and came in 5 colours. This model had the catalogue number of SCWA001.
The watch has a large inverse dot matrix LCD displays with 4 lines of data (or 3 with the double height time display option). The watch has many modes (chronograph, timer, world time, and alarm), which can be seen if you press the bottom left button.

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