Monday, 18 November 2013

Casio F-200 (current version)

Today's Casio is slightly unusual. It has the same model number as one of their older watches, but is a completely different design.

This watch is the F-200 (or F200), and is one of Casio's LCD watch range. This version has a square LCD panel on a round body with the case getting thinner as you got towards the edges. The model is still available and can be found on the Casio website, a will set you back around $45. The original F-200 came out around 1980 and had a square case with round buttons on the front, so it is unusual to find two such different models with the same name.

This watch has a 3 line LCD display and a little circle of alarm indicator marks on the top right. The top two lines are for day and date, and the time uses the bottom line in digits double the height of the other lines. 

It uses a 2518 module, and the face is marked with details of the key features used in various combinations across the Casio watches - alarm chrono, Illuminator (although only with a green LED light), and 10 year battery (using a CR2025). Mode-wise, it has dual time, alarm, and stopwatch. The alarm is a multi-function set-up for daily alarm, daily for one month, and once a month, as well as having a specific date alarm.

1 comment:

  1. Superb brigh green led, good, loud hourly chime.
    The particular model I oxn is extremely accurate - to within two seconds per month.
    Excellent travel watch - 24 hour time, dual time, 4 different alarms, snooze.
    Only major drawback - not water resistant at depths over 5 metres.
    Ok for casul dips at the beach, shower or bath not a problem.