Friday, 10 January 2014

Trad Brothers 45th Anniversary Watch

Today's watch is designed for an anniversary, so I thought it would be easy to research. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, so I need to make some educated guesses about it...

The watch is a special edition to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of  Trad Brothers. When I look for Trad Brothers, i mostly get information about a Swedish trad jazz band. These could have been around for 45 years, but it would be unusual to have a Japanese watch to commemorate that. The other option is that there seems to have been a clothing line in Japan called Trad Brothers from a company called Varezzo. There isn't much about this brand except a few items for sale online, and a special edition of a telephone card. This would seem to be the logical background for the watch, but the internet profile is too low for something that has been around for 45 years. The inside of the watch doesn't help as it has a standard Japanese Myota movement.

The watch itself is a relatively normal 3 hand dial, but with some interesting design features, including a wavy seconds hand. The numbers around the dial are done in two rings, one with the numbers pointing out, and the other pointing in. It means you never need to read a number upside down, but it is a little confusing at a glance. The other unusual part is the highly domed glass. This leads to an optical illusion where it looks like the face is tilting as you angle the watch (see the 3rd photo). Around the glass is a rough bezel but not rotating, and the design is topped off by a thick black leather strap.

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