Thursday, 20 February 2014

Casio GeoTrail FT-611 Ana-Digi

Today ime back to the Casios with a more rugged watch.

The watch is an ana-digi model from the GeoTrail range (sometimes written Geo Trail). The GeoTrail range seems to be watches designed for outdoor life, but are less bulky than the more rugged G-Shock range. The range designation letters vary a little, but most GeoTrail named watches have an FT model number.

This model is the FT-611 and uses a Casio 2319 module. The main part of the watch is taken up by the analogue display. This is a 3 hand dial design, and is set by the crown. Below this is a small window with the LCD display. The window is tiny compared to the rest of the watch, and is set deep into the case (presumably to make it more impact resistant). The LCD display is split into two smaller sections, each with 2 digits. This display is where the other modes are accessed, and it can be used to display the date, dual time, and alarm modes.

The design looks like it is designed for quite heavy wear while still being quite lightweight, and it is 10 bar water resistant.

It has the GeoTrail name on the face above the dial, and comes with a matching, GeoTrail branded, black leather strap.

I'm not sure exactly when this is from, but it isn't available anymore.

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