Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nooka Zub Zayu Yellow

It's been a little while since I blogged a Nooka, but as they are one of my larger sub-collections, I thought it'd be good to cover another one. The thing with the Nooka watches is that there are so many interesting and eye-catching designs in the collection, and there is always some cool design or limited edition collaboration piece that I'm tempted by. If you like the Nookas I've blogged so far, you should definitely check out their homepage (link).

Today's model is the one in the Nooka collection with the largest display and is called the Zayu. The Zayu design is asymmetric, with the strap at the right and the case extending up your arm, but it is also swappable, so that you can use it right or left handed (and the text on the display is written side-on so it doesn't look weird for either).

Time is displayed with a combination of dots and bars on the LCD display. The dots (or more correctly capsule shapes) show the hours, there is a thick bar that fills with the minutes, and a thinner bar for the seconds. The display can show time and date, along with the alarm mode, and it has a stopwatch too. There is also a sleep mode that switches off the LCD to save battery when the watch isn't being used.

The Nooka brand is the brainchild of Matthew Waldman, who after a short collaboration with Seiko started the Nooka company. They don't just make watches, but also have other interestingly designed products with unique but highly functional designs. I'm normally wearing one of the Nooka belts and using a Nooka wallet, and they also have other products such as t-shirts and sunglasses.

The Zayu design is still available on the Nooka website (as of Feb 2014), and generally costs $129, but this yellow one is currently only $49!

Normally, the box isn't worth a mention in my blog, but with this watch it's something unusual. The box is a collaboration between Nooka and Silicone Zone, and this has resulted in a box made from food grade silicone. Because of this, the package is suitable to be used for food, is microwave safe, and can be put in the dishwasher.

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