Saturday, 15 February 2014

J-Axis Boston Club Pocket Watch

It's been strange today as I've not worn any watch on my wrist, so I've felt like something was missing.

The reason is that today I decided to use a pocket watch. Actually, it isn't even one for in your pocket as it has its own pocket that fastens to your belt.

The pocket watch seems to be part of a range called Boston Club based on the text on the face and is by the Japanese brand J-Axis. It is quite a small pocket watch and is around 4 cm across. The pocket watch is a 3 hand design with a quartz movement. On the back is the number 20/520-C which may be the model number. From the loop over the crown at the 12 o'clock position is a chain connecting it to the leather pocket. The leather pocket is embossed with the J-Axis name and is designed to fold over your belt, fastening with a press stud. It has a hole in the front so you can also see the time without taking out the watch.

I've blogged a few J-Axis watches before, but now I've found a bit more about the brand. It seems that J-Axis is a brand from the Japanese company Sun Flame Co.

Sun Flame Co was started in 1984, and in April 1987 they developed the J-Axis series. Now, they have sales in the range ¥3.7bn per year, and make licenced watches for companies such as Disney and Sanrio. The J-Axis watches are currently split into 6 series - A, B, C, D, H, and S. There are pocket watches in most of the series, but this watch isn't on the site, so I guess it isn't available anymore.

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