Monday, 17 February 2014

Fuso vintage LCD watch

I've managed to pick another mystery watch again today. After lots of searching, I've not found anything online about this watch's name...

The watch is called (or made by) Fuso, and is a Japanese watch. It looks to be a vintage LCD watch with the classic curved sides and the top and bottom tapered down to the strap.

It is an alarm chronograph model with a 6 digit LCD display, and a line of symbols below to highlight the mode. The chronograph can display 1/100th seconds or will switch to hh:mm:ss if left long enough.

The back doesn't give too much more information on the history, but does have a model number. This tells me that it has a 9428 module, and is a model number 9428-390806. The watch has a strap marked Vega, which gave the first hint on the maker, and I've blogged a Vega 9428 module previously. The Vega line were made by Citizen as a low price range which ran from the early to mid 80s and were phased down in the late 80s.

From the design and Vega branding, I know this watch is from the 80s, but I can't tell which year for sure.

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