Saturday, 22 February 2014

Crepha Telva Chrono R TI-127

The watch today is one that was a brand I'd not heard of before, but one I've kept coming across.

Originally, I'd thought that the brand was called Telva as that was prominent on the watches, but it turns out the maker is called Crepha. The Crepha company is from Tokyo, Japan, and was founded in 1989 with the mottos "Smile is extreme energy, and "Share the Happiness". They make a range of clocks and watches, including watches for Sanrio and Walt Disney. Telva is one of the lines that they produce, and is their line for stylish, traditional, sports, and digital. The company name is shown on the watch as Crepha X Design.

This watch is the TI-127 model, and has the name Chrono R on the strap. It is a chronograph watch with an alarm function. There is also an el-backlight triggered by the button on the front, and the text on the face says it has "Light in the Night" (-the text also says the watch has "Power of Telva").

The watch has an LCD display with a holographic /reflective back style making it quite easy to read in low light (even without the backlight). It has a 6 digit time display with smaller seconds, and there is a small circular section above the seconds which shows indicators for the alarm and chime.

I don't know when this model was released, but it isn't available anymore.

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