Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Alba Twin Counter Chrono Y746

It's another old LCD watch again, and another that is barely seen online (I've spotted one other in a different colour combination) so I think may be a little rare.

The watch is a Twin Counter Chrono watch by the Seiko brand Alba (which normally focused on the Far East market). It is an old model, with this one being made in late 1980 (-the other one I found online was from 1981).

It has a Y746 module and a full model number of Y746-5040. There is a 5 1/2 digit LCD display with a day marker above. There are alarm and stopwatch modes, as well as the counter mode. For the counter, the top right button increases the numbers, and the bottom right decreases the number, keeping count over whatever you want. Along the top of the day marker, there are a few other symbols shown, but these don't appear to match with any mode.

The strap is stainless steel, and has a part number of AA71A. This strap is almost identical to one of the Casio straps from an LCD watch I blogged a couple of weeks ago, and the spare links could be freely swapped between the two.

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