Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Casio MQ-337 Rectangular Dial

Today's watch is quite a normal looking model, but shows something unusual I hinted about in an earlier post.

The watch is an MQ-337 by Casio. It has a 3 hand dial in a gold rectangular case. The strap matches the body, but is only gold coated as you can see the silver at the sides (and has a part number of B-845L). It is a very clean and elegant classic design, and came out in 1986 (in silver or gold, and with a black or light face). On ebay, it seems to be referred to as very rare, but there are a few Google photo links.

It's module leads to the unusual situation. For this model, two different modules were used, but both with the same model number. The watch can have either a 371 or a 381 quartz module (using an LR920 battery), but apart from the different number on the back, they are basically identical. I've included a photo below to prove it!  These two modules have been in blogged watches before and we're two different varieties of Casio Art Casual watches. Only one other thing changes, and that is a tiny number on the dial. The 371 version says 901A1-714, and the 381 version says 901A1-885.
Module 381 version (far) and module 371 version (near)

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