Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Casio Art Casual Compass PTM-26

After getting a few of these Art Casual watches, I've ended up collecting them too.

Not much has been found out about this range that was released by Casio. It seems like they were for the Far East market only, and look like they were released in the 1980s as a competitor to the Swatch watches.

This model is a 3 hand dial with a 705 module. The seconds hand is long and has a wavy pattern, with the other hands colour matching to the face. The face design looks like an old compass from a map. The strap fits in with this old ship theme having a sun with face on the top strap, and a sailing ship, anchor, and fish on the lower strap.

The full model number is PTM-26-3, and this watch was assembled in Malaysia. The strap part number is 206 F2.

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