Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fossil FSL Snake/Monster FL8880

It's been a while since my last Fossil watch, so I'm posting one today.

This model is a watch by the Fossil brand, and seems to be from a line called FSL. It has an interesting design with a scale-like texture, and curvy edges to the straps. The buckle fits into the snake or monster theme, and has two eyes the stare out from the plastic buckle.

This model has a two line LCD display (which is relatively unusual for a Fossil). The top line covers the date and day, with the bottom line showing the time (6 digits). Inbetween the two lines there is a bar of LCD blocks which fill from left to right over a 10 sec interval. Other modes are chronograph (7 digits), pace, timer, and alarm. The LCD display is also rotated slightly making it straighter on to your view when you glance at it.

The back reveals that the watch is 100m (330ft) water resistant, and has a model number of FL8880. Unusually, the middle of the back plate has a rubber disc on it with the Fossil FSL logo.

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