Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Transformers Flying Disc Watch - Autobot

I made a mistake today - i got mixed up and wore a watch I'd worn and blogged before. So I am blogging another boxed watch instead.

Today's watch is one of a line of toys that was made for the Transformers film Revenge of the Fallen.

It was made in China for the UK company Wesco Limited. An online search for the linked website sends you to the Zeon watches site (who are the largest UK watch distributor). The watch was made in 2009, and is copyright 2009 of Hasbro and 2007 of Dreamworks.

This watch is both a basic LCD watch and toy. It has a 4 digit display, with a standard module covering time, date, and seconds. The module is powered by a LR621 battery which is replaceable.

For the toy part, it has a flying disc launcher which can shoot small plastic discs with the transformers logo on.

There is a model number on the box of TF1B.

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