Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Casio Art Casual PTM-10 Dinosaur Green

I've decided I have quite a lot of the Art Casual watches by Casio, but I still don't know much about them...

What i do know is that they seem to have been for the Far East market only, and were probably released in the 1980s to compete with the simple and colourful Swatch watches. The range came out in various designs, modules, and series.

This watch is one of the PTM series which the majority fit into. It is also the second PTM-10 watch, and this tells me that the PTM-10 series appear to all be covering different Dinosaur patterns, and so I'd guess that each series had a theme to the design.

As with the others, it is a basic 3 hand dial design, and this time it's using the 381 quartz module. It also features the fully printed strap and face that marks out the Art Casual watches. From the face of the watch, you can only see vegetation and a grey trunk, but looking on the top half of the strap, you then see the dinosaurs head (along with some flying dinosaurs). The bottom half of the strap just has more vegetation.

I haven't identified the featured dinosaur, but it could be a Diplodocus. This dinosaur was from the late jurassic period, which fits with the era of the dinosaur shown on the other watch i blogged.

The full model number is PTM-10-3E2, and it has a strap part number of 206 P6 (bottom) and P8 on the top half.

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