Saturday, 17 August 2013

Swatch x Kidrobot Kozic Ski Instructor Tennis Pro Set

Another of the watches from the collaboration between Swatch and Kidrobot today, and I'm wearing it because of another concert link!

In 2011, the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch released a set of watches with collectable toy designers Kidrobot. Eight watches were released, each designed by a highly respected illustrator, and they were accompanied by a matching Dunny vinyl toy. The watches were sold individually, or in a limited edition box set (with a giant Frank Kozic designed Dunny). An additional limited edition model was released in what was called the Tennis Pro set. This set had a white variation on the Ski Instructor watch from the collection, and also featured an 8" Kozic designed Dunny .

Frank Kozic is a Spanish artist who originally made his name making silk screened posters for 90s rock bands. His design features a Dunny with a big curvy moustache and a K on its forehead.

The mmoustache is the link with tonight's band. I'll be watching a concert by Postwerk who are a band which mix german electronica in the style of Kraftverk with fun music about things such as the postal service, and they all have crazy large moustaches! 

The Tennis Pro model has a special model number of GZS49, and gives the owner a 1 year membership of the Swatch Club. It was released as part of the Autumn Winter 2011 collection.

As with this design of Swatch, it is a basic 3 hand dial with a plastic case, and a coin opening battery compartment. This version has a clear case so you can clearly see the mechanism inside.

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