Monday, 26 August 2013

Citizen Independent 1481010 D295 Blue

It's another variation on the 1481010 range again today. The 1481010 range is the collection I have the most of, and a lot of information can be found on my Independent 1481010 overview page.

This model is one of the Independent 1481010 watches that uses the D295 module. The module has a square LCD panel which is behind a front plate that splits it into 3 rounded sections, and is housed in a round case . These models were usually in a silver case with different coloured front plates, and in this model, the text is also blue. The top section shows the time, while the bottom has the date and day. The middle section is where the mode marker is found, and the watch has dual alarms, dual time, a stopwatch, and a timer. The strap is made of metal sections which are bent into a shallow v shape.

This design of 1481010 came out in 1997 and was one of the first watches in the 1481010 range.

The full model number is D295-L16819. This model either never was in the catalogue, or it only appeared in the one of the two 1997 catalogues I don't have, but I have the details from one of the tags. The catalogue number was IT21-4062F, and it sold for 12,000 yen. 

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