Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Deadman GV4062

I'm back to one of my favourite mystery brands again today with this watch by Deadman.

The Deadman (or Dead Man) watches are Japanese fashion watches which I've managed to pin down to being from the late 90s (based on a couple of magazines from that time). They have produced many different designs, and I've so far found more different models than I've seen duplicates. There also seems to be a connection to other brands such as Deep, Module, and Eccentric Classic with common designs, but I've not concluded why so far.

Today's model is the GV4062 (or GV 4062) which has a style which I would say is heavily influenced by the Seiko Alba AKA designs. It has a quartz analogue display with a 3 hand dial design. The face design and colour /pattern around the edges is very similar to some of the AKA watches with silver hour markers and a red, blue, and grey square pattern around the edge of the dial.

The case is round at the top, widening towards the back and the strap connection points, and makes me think of the shape of a volcano. The strap is metal and also very AKA-like with the tuning fork (or chunky American Football goalpost) shaped first link.

The back just has the usual Deadman style, stating it is Stainless steel, and showing the Deadman name and the model number.

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