Tuesday, 27 October 2015

West Flip-Top Game Watch

It's been a loosely connected few days of watch blog recently. Fist was a flip-top compass watch, then a compass watch, and now a flip-top watch with no compass.

This watch has a very similar case design to the flip-top compass watch. The top of the watch has a standard 3 hand dial design with roman numerals for the hours. Flipping up the lid shows that the whole head of the watch can spin around a horizontal axis, allowing you to still see the time with the lid open. Under the lid, on the base of the watch is a glass enclosed section where the compass lay last time, but this time it is home to 3 small dice. This is for some sort of dice game, with the bottom glass being split into sections, with the names dig and small written on them (which are too common words for me to search online to find the game).

The watch is made for West who are best known for their sponsorship of the Maclaren F1 team (and is part of a Japanese trend I've seen for tobacco products sponsored watches).

I'm not sure when this watch is from, but my guess would be sometime in the 2000s.

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