Thursday, 15 October 2015

Eccentric Classic Gold Full Skeleton

When I've ow blogged so many watches,  there is room for error when I pick up something to wear. Yesterday I couldn't blog as I had picked up something I'd blogged before by accident, but today I didn't make the same mistake!

Today's watch is part of my expanding collection of  Eccentric Classic watches, who I've got into due to their interesting designs and links to other brands I collect.

This Eccentric Classic is a mechanical watch with a full skeleton design. The movement is one which seems a common low cost movement which I've seen in many different brands of Japanese watch, but there are no part numbers or manufacturers marks on the movement. There are also no makers marks on the front or back of the watch except for the Eccentric Classic name on the inside of the glass.

The case design is quite hard to describe, so I'll have a go but it's better to just look at the photos. The glass is round and protrudes from the gold metal case, which is vaguely rectangular with curved edges. The area around the glass has been cut/moulded in a way that the area is curved around the top, but comes to a flat edge at the bottom. There is also an edge behind the glass as it goes down towards the movement, and on there are printed the hour markers (roman numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12, and just lines at the other hours). The strap is metal and comes in a matching gold colour.

This is another design which is common to multiple manufacturers. This watch is an Eccentric Classic by a company called Medistore (Japanese piercing accessory shop), while I have the same design by Deadman which is an older brand that doesn't exist anymore (and I've not blogged that watch yet).

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