Monday, 12 October 2015

Flud - The Exchange

I'm back to the fashion watches again today (although, I  never seem to get too far away from them at any time...).

This watch is by a brand called Flud, and this is their first appearance on my blog. The Flud brand is relatively new, having started only in 2007. The concept for the Flud brand is to bring the watch back to its rightful place as the ultimate accessory. Their goal was to create unique, fresh watches without being pretentious or having a high price tag.

This model is called The Exchange, and is a quartz analogue watch. It has a 3 hand dial which is offset to the right, with a bar protruding from the bezel on the left side (just below the middle). The bezel itself is protruding above the glass and is enameled in black (with 10 other different colour variations being available). The back of the watch has the Flud name and states it uses a Japanese movement. There is also a quote around the edge of the back plate which reads 'You can never have time unless you take time'. The watch is still for sale on the Flud website for $90.

For the one I have, there are a few things which make me wonder whether it is genuine or not. The watch is sold with 2 different straps, one leather and one silicone, but my one has an expanding metal strap (which I would assume wad a replacement, but the colour matches extremely well). The other issue is the size, as the case size on my one is smaller than the 50mm which is quoted on the Flud site...

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